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Founded by parent company Cox Media Group, Fans 1st Media is a portfolio of sites delivering the buzz of the day in consumer news, pop culture, politics, sports and more. As the American consumer evolves, so do we. The Fans 1st Media experience is more than distributing the day’s headlines; we’ve created a bond with our audience to deliver more of the stories they want to see.


Rare is one of the fastest growing sites in the United States. Boasting 40 million monthly visits and dubbed “America’s News Feed,” Rare leverages social media to deliver national news, politics, culture and more, driving conversation with buzzworthy content Americans like to share.

Clark Howard

Host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Clark Howard Show, Clark Howard is a consumer expert who shares practical ways to save more, spend less, and avoid getting “ripped off” for almost three decades with his loyal fan-base. The Clark Howard Show is heard every day on more than 200 radio stations throughout North America, and broadcasts from News/Talk WSB AM/WSB FM in Atlanta.


With 5.5 million monthly visits, FanBuzz goes behind the headlines to provide in-depth analysis of the day’s most interesting sports stories. Focusing primarily on college and professional football news, FanBuzz generates digital sports talk among sports fanatics 24 hours a day.


A collection of the most popular content from all Fans 1st properties, Faves generates 1 million page views per month, serving as a resource for Fans 1st to uncover more of what its audience wants to read and watch.

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